How is the specialization of inline text handled in DITA?

The specialization of inline text in DITA is achieved by introducing specialized inline elements and attributes. These elements are used to mark or tag specific portions of text within a DITA topic as specialized content, such as domain-specific terminology, product names, or other inline text distinctions.

Specialized inline elements can be customized with attributes to provide additional context or styling. This enables content creators to clearly indicate the significance or role of inline text within the document.

For example, organizations can introduce inline elements like <product-name> or <medical-term> to specify domain-specific terms. Attributes can be applied to inline text to distinguish them as important, warnings, or other specific categories.


In a DITA topic about a software product, specialized inline text can be used to highlight the product name and version as follows:

This document provides instructions for using <product-name>AwesomeApp</product-name> version <version-number>3.0</version-number>.