How is visualization (e.g., construction plans, architectural drawings) created and managed in construction using DITA?

Creating and managing visualization, such as construction plans and architectural drawings, within the context of construction using DITA XML involves a structured approach to handle graphical content effectively.

Structured Embedding

DITA XML provides a framework for structured embedding of visual content within documentation. Construction plans and architectural drawings can be included as graphical elements within DITA topics. These visual assets are referenced using specific DITA elements, ensuring that they are well-integrated into the documentation.

Content Localization

Localization is essential when managing visual content in construction projects that span different regions or countries. DITA allows for content localization, ensuring that construction plans and drawings can be adapted to specific languages, units of measurement, and regional standards. This ensures that visual content remains comprehensible and compliant across diverse construction sites.


Here’s an example of how construction plans can be managed in DITA:

<topic id="construction-project">
  <title>Construction Project</title>
  <construction-plan href="construction_plan.pdf" format="pdf" />
  <construction-drawing href="architectural_drawing.dwg" format="dwg" />

In this example, DITA topics reference construction plans and architectural drawings, specifying their formats. This structured approach allows for efficient management and integration of visual content within the documentation.