<i>: In what situations is the <i> element used to represent and format italicized text in DITA?

The <i> element in DITA is used to represent and format text as italicized. Italicized text is often used to emphasize or differentiate specific words or phrases within a DITA topic.


To apply the <i> element, you wrap the text you want to be italicized with this element. For example:

<p>This is an <i>italicized</i> word in a sentence.</p>

In this example, the word “italicized” will be displayed in an italicized format when rendered.

When to Use

Use the <i> element when you want to give special emphasis to certain words or phrases. Italicized text is commonly used for titles of books, movies, or publications, foreign words, technical terms, and similar situations where visual distinction is needed.