<keyword>: How can you improve content search and retrieval by using the <keyword> element in DITA?

Enhancing content search and retrieval is a crucial aspect of creating effective documentation in DITA XML. The <keyword> element plays a significant role in achieving this goal by providing a structured way to associate keywords or tags with DITA topics. This enables users to find relevant content more efficiently and improves the overall usability of your documentation.

Benefits of Using <keyword>

By using the <keyword> element in DITA XML, you can:

  • Improve searchability: Keywords help users locate specific topics by searching for relevant terms or phrases.
  • Facilitate content organization: Keywords assist in categorizing and organizing topics, making it easier to navigate through the documentation.
  • Enhance content discoverability: Users can quickly identify topics related to their interests or needs, reducing the time it takes to find relevant information.


Here’s an example of how the <keyword> element can be used to associate keywords with a DITA topic:

<topic id="keyword_example">
  <title>Product Features</title>
    <p>This topic discusses the various features and functionalities of our product.</p>
    <p>It provides detailed information on the key aspects of the product's capabilities.</p>

In this example, the <keyword> element is used to associate the keywords “feature” and “functionality” with the DITA topic “Product Features.” This helps users find the topic when searching for information related to these keywords.