<keywords>: How do you use the <keywords> element to associate keywords or terms with a DITA topic for indexing and search purposes?

The <keywords> element in DITA XML is used to associate keywords or terms with a DITA topic, primarily for indexing and search purposes. It helps improve the discoverability of topics by making relevant keywords available for search engines and users looking for specific content.

Adding Keywords

You can include one or more keywords within the <keywords> element to describe the content of a DITA topic. These keywords should be relevant to the topic’s subject matter. Here’s an example:

  <title>Product Features</title>
  <keywords>product, features, specifications, functionality</keywords>
    <p>This topic provides detailed information about the key features of our product.</p>
    <!-- Content goes here -->

In this example, the <keywords> element includes keywords like “product,” “features,” “specifications,” and “functionality” to indicate the topic’s content.

Improving Search and Indexing

By associating relevant keywords with topics, you enable better search results and more effective indexing of content. Search engines and users can use these keywords to quickly identify and access the information they need. It’s a valuable practice for ensuring that your DITA documentation is user-friendly and easy to navigate.