<u>: How do you specify and format underlined text in DITA content using the <u> element?

The <u> element in DITA is used to specify and format underlined text within DITA content. Underlining text is a way to draw attention to specific words or phrases, and it can be useful for emphasizing or highlighting information.


To apply the <u> element and underline text, you wrap the text you want to be underlined with this element. For example:

<p>This is an <u>underlined</u> word in a sentence.</p>

In this example, the word “underlined” will be displayed with an underline when rendered.

When to Use

Use the <u> element when you want to visually emphasize or highlight specific words or phrases within your DITA content. It’s important to use underlining sparingly and for meaningful content to avoid overloading the text with visual effects.