What are external links in DITA XML?

External links in DITA XML provide a means to reference content located outside of the DITA document itself. These links allow you to connect your DITA topics or documents to resources such as websites, documents, or other non-DITA content. External links are especially valuable when you want to direct your readers to additional reference material, external documentation, or online resources.

Here is an example of how external links are structured in DITA XML:

<!-- Example of an External Link in DITA XML -->
<p>For more information about DITA XML, visit the <link href="https://www.example.com/dita-info" title="DITA Information">DITA Information</link> page on our website.</p>

In this example, the <link> element is used to create an external link. The href attribute specifies the URL or path to the external resource, and the title attribute defines the link’s title or label. The text within the <link> element serves as the visible anchor text for the link, which readers can click to access the external content.

External links play a crucial role in enhancing DITA documentation by connecting it to relevant external information sources, supporting cross-referencing, and enriching the reader’s experience by providing access to a broader range of knowledge and resources.