What are the different types of DITA specializations?

DITA specializations can take various forms, catering to specific domains and industries. The different types of DITA specializations include:

Subject Domain Specialization: This type of specialization focuses on subject-specific content, catering to particular industries such as healthcare, finance, or aerospace. It introduces elements and attributes tailored to the subject area’s unique requirements.

Information Type Specialization: Information type specializations are designed to address specific types of content, such as procedures, concepts, reference material, or troubleshooting guides. They introduce elements and attributes to enhance the organization and presentation of content.

Media Type Specialization: Media type specializations target content destined for various media, like print, web, or mobile. They allow content creators to optimize content for different output formats, ensuring a consistent user experience across media.

Geographic or Cultural Specialization: Some specializations accommodate content that varies by region or culture. This specialization type may introduce elements and attributes to handle localized content, ensuring it aligns with the expectations of a specific audience.

Each specialization type serves to adapt DITA to specific needs, making it a versatile framework for a wide range of industries and content types.


In a DITA specialization for healthcare documentation (subject domain specialization), elements like <medical-procedure> and <drug-interaction> are introduced to cater to the unique content requirements of the healthcare industry. This specialization allows healthcare organizations to create specialized healthcare content within the DITA framework.

<topic id="healthcare-doc">
  <title>Medical Procedure Guide</title>
    <description>Description of the medical procedure.</description>
    <steps>Step-by-step instructions.</steps>
    <description>Information about drug interactions.</description>
    <medications>List of medications.</medications>