What is the <important> element used for in DITA?

In DITA, the element is used to emphasize content that is of particular significance, importance, or relevance. It highlights key information within topics, drawing the reader’s attention to critical details.

The element serves to mark specific content as important. This element can be particularly useful for drawing attention to critical warnings, important notes, or key instructions in documentation.

The element can be used in a manner similar to other inline elements within DITA content, such as within paragraphs, lists, or other block-level elements. It wraps the content to emphasize.


Here’s an example of using the element within a DITA topic:

This procedure requires <important>special attention</important> to safety protocols and must be followed carefully to avoid accidents.

In this example, the element is used to highlight the phrase “special attention.” This emphasizes the need for careful adherence to safety protocols.