What is the <prodinfo> element and how is it used in DITA?

The <prodinfo> element in DITA is used for capturing product information or metadata related to a content element. It serves as a standard metadata element in DITA documents, allowing content creators to specify details about the product associated with the content. This information is valuable for documentation, version control, and content management.

Purpose of <prodinfo>

The primary purpose of the <prodinfo> element is to provide metadata related to the product, software, or system that the content pertains to. It allows for the association of content with specific products or versions.

Usage of <prodinfo>

The <prodinfo> element can be applied at various levels within DITA documents, such as DITA topics or maps. It typically contains sub-elements for specifying product-related information. Some of the common sub-elements are <prodname>, <proddesc>, <prodversion>, <prodnumber>, <prodpurpose>, and <prodabbr>.

Common Sub-elements

  • <prodname>: Used to specify the name of the product or software.
  • <proddesc>: Provides a description or summary of the product.
  • <prodversion>: Indicates the version or release of the product.
  • <prodnumber>: Specifies a product number or identifier.
  • <prodpurpose>: Describes the purpose or use of the product.
  • <prodabbr>: Provides an abbreviation or acronym for the product name.


    <title>Installation Guide</title>
        <proddesc>An example software application</proddesc>
        <prodpurpose>Sample and demonstration</prodpurpose>
        <p>This guide explains the installation process for <productname>SampleApp</productname> version <productversion>2.0</productversion>.</p>

In this example:

  • The <prodinfo> element contains information about the product, including its name, description, version, number, and purpose.
  • This product-related metadata is associated with the content of the installation guide.
  • Content within the guide can reference the product details using specialized elements like <productname> and <productversion>.