What is the role of profiling attributes in conditional links in DITA?

Profiling attributes play a crucial role in creating conditional links within DITA content, allowing content authors to precisely target and customize information for different audiences or scenarios.

Role of Profiling Attributes

Profiling attributes like ‘props’ and ‘audience’ in DITA are used to define conditions that control whether specific content, including links, should be included or excluded based on specific criteria. These attributes can be associated with elements like links, enabling content personalization for different audiences, user roles, product versions, and more.

Authoring Example

Here’s an example illustrating the role of profiling attributes in conditional links:

<link href="admin-manual.dita" props="role=admin"/><!-- Links to the admin manual for users with the 'admin' role. -->

In this example, the ‘props’ attribute is used to associate the link with a specific user role, ‘admin.’ As a result, this link will only be visible to users with the ‘admin’ role. This demonstrates how profiling attributes help tailor content to different user groups or conditions.