What translation management systems (TMS) are compatible with DITA?

DITA, with its structured content approach, is compatible with various Translation Management Systems (TMS) that support XML-based file formats. These TMS solutions offer features to streamline the translation and localization of DITA content, ensuring a more efficient workflow and higher translation quality.

SDL Trados

SDL Trados is a widely used TMS that is compatible with DITA XML files. It provides tools for managing translation projects, including translation memory, terminology management, and automated quality assurance checks. SDL Trados can handle DITA’s structured content and ensure consistency in translations.


MemoQ is another TMS that supports DITA content. It offers features for project management, translation, and review. MemoQ’s compatibility with DITA allows organizations to leverage translation memories and terminology databases, resulting in consistent and high-quality translations.


Smartling is a cloud-based TMS suitable for handling DITA files. It enables real-time collaboration among translators and reviewers. Smartling’s platform is designed to streamline translation workflows for structured content, making it a good fit for organizations working with DITA documents.


Here’s an example of how DITA content can be managed within a TMS:

<topic id="user_manual">
  <title>User Manual</title>
    <language code="es">
      <translator>Maria López</translator>
      <reviewer>Carlos García</reviewer>

In this example, a DITA topic includes translation details for the Spanish language. A TMS can manage this content, facilitate translation, and ensure the quality of the localized material.