WEBINAR | Automatically Convert Content To DITA XML & Deduplicate Exact Topics

In this webinar, we will quickly demonstrate how to automatically convert your content to DITA 1.3 and how this content can be automatically deduplicated using Migrate's latest feature - Exact Topic Deduplication.

WEBINAR | Downsides Of Poor DITA Conversions

Stilo and CIDM ComTech have partnered to bring you this webinar. Thinking of automating your entire conversion process to DITA? Wanting to handle conversion work manually, in-house? Before you proceed, think about how the conversion could help you derive the benefits of DITA that you expect.

WEBINAR | Converting RoboHelp Content to DITA XML

RoboHelp projects are typically quite large. Too large for manual conversion to be feasible. But there's also generally a lot more to your RoboHelp content than just the text. What about build tags, for example, for multi-channel publishing? Can your folder structure be maintained? What about snippets, can we retain the reuse there? These are the sorts of questions we are frequently asked. We'll show you how we answer these and more.

WEBINAR | Converting FrameMaker Documents To Good, Usable DITA

Whether your legacy content is in structured or unstructured FrameMaker, there’s a lot more to this content than just the words on the page. You may have conditional text, variables, or text insets, that allow you to reuse content. You may have index terms, cross references and footnotes. You want to be able to retain the usefulness of these features, and even to enrich the content in other ways, as part of your conversion process, rather than after the fact. We’ll show you how you can do just that with Stilo Migrate.

WEBINAR | Converting Word to DITA XML

One of the things authors love about Microsoft Word is that it’s easy to make your content look just the way you want it. This does not always lend itself to a straightforward conversion to XML. We’ll show you how we leverage the visual cues in the document to discern the implicit structure of the content, so that you can derive good, useful DITA.

WEBINAR | Converting Complex Table Structures to DITA XML

Converting tables to XML can be a challenge. We use tables to represent tabular information, sometimes in a complex way. But we also sometimes use them to lay out content on a page in a way that makes it easier for the reader to understand the purpose of the content.