Broadcast: Thursday, March 1, 2018

Presented by Helen St. Denis, Conversion Services Manager
Introduced by Les Burnham, CEO
Stilo International

So, the decision is made to implement DITA and you now need to convert your existing content from Word, FrameMaker or other unstructured formats. The content audit has been done and you need to figure out what you REALLY need to do to your content before you start the conversion process. It’s maybe not as much as you might think!

Join Stilo’s Conversion Services Manager, Helen St. Denis, for this recorded webinar, to learn:

  • What is the most useful thing to do pre-conversion?
  • What kind of things influence what else you might want to do pre-conversion?
  • What are the common trouble areas in the different source formats?
  • What is best left for post-conversion?

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