Are there conventions for linking government terminology definitions within DITA content?

Linking government terminology definitions within DITA content is essential for maintaining clarity and consistency in documents. It allows authors to reference and define terms seamlessly, ensuring that readers have access to detailed explanations whenever specialized terminology is used.

Terminology Links

In DITA, terminology definitions can be linked within the content using specialized elements. For example, the <termref> element allows authors to reference a term from a glossary or terminology database. This element includes attributes like keyref, which specifies the key of the term being linked, and term, which provides a shorter variant of the term for display purposes. Here’s an example:

<p>If you encounter a <termref keyref="acronym-gov" term="GovAcronym" />, please refer to the definition in the glossary.</p>

External Glossary Links

DITA also supports linking to external glossaries or terminology databases. This is particularly useful for government documentation that needs to adhere to established standards. The <keyword> element can be used to create links to external resources. For instance:

<p>For a comprehensive list of government acronyms and their definitions, please visit the <keyword keyref="gov-glossary" />.</p>


Here’s an example demonstrating how to link a government term within DITA content:

<p>The <termref keyref="acronym-it" term="IT" /> department is responsible for managing information technology infrastructure.</p>

In this example, the <termref> element links to the definition of “IT” from the glossary, providing readers with easy access to the term’s meaning.