Are there guidelines for involving subject matter experts (SMEs) in DITA-based aerospace documentation reviews?

Incorporating subject matter experts (SMEs) effectively into DITA-based aerospace documentation reviews is vital for ensuring accuracy and quality. Here are guidelines to streamline this process:

1. Early Involvement: To harness the expertise of SMEs, involve them in the review process from the beginning. Provide SMEs with access to the DITA content under review as early as possible to give them ample time to understand and evaluate the material thoroughly.


When initiating a DITA documentation review for an aerospace project, ensure that SMEs have access to the content from the start. You can grant them read-only access to relevant DITA topics like this:


2. Clear Review Guidelines: Provide SMEs with specific guidelines and expectations for the review. Clearly define the scope and objectives of the review, highlighting areas where their expertise is most needed. This helps SMEs focus their efforts and ensures that their feedback is aligned with project goals.

3. Feedback Integration: Streamline the process of incorporating SME feedback into the DITA documentation. Use dedicated elements like <review-comment> to capture their suggestions and corrections. Ensure a feedback loop where SMEs can track the status of their input and participate in discussions regarding their comments.

By following these guidelines, SMEs can be effectively involved in DITA-based aerospace documentation reviews, enhancing the accuracy and quality of the documentation through their valuable expertise.