Are there standardized templates or schemas for DITA specializations in aerospace?

Aerospace-specific DITA specializations often benefit from standardized templates and schemas that are designed to address the specific needs of the aerospace industry. These templates and schemas offer a structured framework for aerospace documentation that follows industry standards and best practices. They streamline the process of creating aerospace content by providing predefined elements and structures tailored to aerospace-specific requirements.

One common standardized template in aerospace DITA specializations is the Aircraft Component Specification schema. This schema includes elements to define detailed specifications for aircraft components, such as engines, avionics, or landing gear. Here is an example of how this schema might be structured:

  <component-name>Jet Engine</component-name>
  <manufacturer>ABC Aerospace</manufacturer>
  <weight>1500 lbs</weight>
    <length>10 ft</length>
    <width>3 ft</width>
    <height>4 ft</height>
  <...>Other specifications...</...>

These standardized templates and schemas are valuable in aerospace documentation projects as they ensure consistency and adherence to industry standards. They also simplify the content creation process by providing a predefined structure that authors can follow, reducing the effort needed for customization and validation.