Can DITA be used for non-technical content?

Yes, DITA can be used for non-technical content. While DITA is often associated with technical documentation, it is a flexible structured content framework that can be applied to a wide range of content types beyond just technical materials. DITA’s modularity, reusability, and structured authoring approach make it suitable for various non-technical content, including marketing materials, training manuals, educational content, policies and procedures, and more.

DITA’s suitability for non-technical content lies in its ability to structure information in a logical and organized manner. DITA topics can be used to create content chunks that are easy to manage and reuse. Elements like lists, tables, and images can be incorporated into DITA topics to format content effectively. DITA maps can then be used to assemble these topics into coherent documents, allowing for flexibility in content organization.

For example, consider a company that produces educational materials. They can utilize DITA to create textbooks or e-learning modules. Each chapter or lesson can be structured as a DITA topic, containing text, images, quizzes, and exercises. DITA’s content reuse capabilities enable them to efficiently include common content elements, such as definitions or explanations, across multiple lessons. DITA maps can be employed to arrange these topics in the desired order for a textbook or e-learning course.