Can DITA links point to both internal and external resources?

Yes, in DITA, you can create links that point to both internal and external resources, providing users with a versatile means of accessing related information. Let’s explore how DITA supports the integration of both types of links:

1. Internal Links: Internal links in DITA allow you to connect to other topics or sections within the same documentation set. These links facilitate seamless navigation between different pieces of content, enhancing the user’s understanding. Here’s an example of an internal link in DITA:

<!-- Example: DITA Internal Link -->
<ph><xref href="related_topic.dita"/></ph>

2. External Links: DITA also enables you to include links to external resources, such as websites, documents, or online references. These links connect users to additional information outside the structured documentation. Here’s how an external link can be incorporated in DITA:

<!-- Example: DITA External Link -->
<ph><xref href=""/></ph>

By combining internal and external links, DITA provides a comprehensive framework for creating rich, interconnected documentation. This flexibility allows content creators to provide a seamless and informative experience for users by not only connecting topics within the documentation but also referencing valuable resources beyond it.