Can multimedia links be configured to open in media players or viewers in DITA?

Configuring multimedia links to open in dedicated media players or viewers within DITA content can enhance the user experience and provide better control over how multimedia content is presented. This can be especially useful when dealing with videos, audio files, or other interactive media. Here’s how you can configure multimedia links to open in dedicated players or viewers:

Embedding Media Elements: You can use DITA to embed multimedia elements and specify the media type. For instance, to include a video and open it in a media player, you can use the following DITA code:

<video href="your-video.mp4" format="mp4" openas="media" />

The “openas” attribute is set to “media,” which indicates that the linked video should be opened in a dedicated media player.

Setting Default Media Viewers: Some DITA authoring tools or processors allow you to set default media viewers or players at a global or document level. This can ensure a consistent user experience for all multimedia links in your content, as they will automatically open in specified viewers or players. Check the documentation of your DITA tool to see if this feature is available and how to configure it.