Can titles and captions be customized in DITA?

Table titles and captions can be customized to suit specific documentation needs. This customization allows control of the appearance, formatting, and content of titles and captions.

Table titles can be customized by defining content for the <title> element. This customization provides unique and descriptive labels for tables. The styling of titles can also be controlled by applying CSS or other formatting techniques. Customizing titles allows tailoring of labeling to match the document’s style and the table’s purpose.

Similarly, table captions can be customized by defining content for the <caption> element. This provides the flexibility to include detailed explanations or context that align with documentation requirements. The formatting and appearance of captions can be adjusted as needed. Customizing captions enables offering tailored information that enhances tables.

Example: A table in a company’s documentation compares software features. Customizing the title and caption will align it with the company’s branding:

          <title class="custom-title">Custom Software Features Comparison</title>
          <caption class="custom-caption">A detailed comparison of features in our software products.</caption>
          <tgroup cols="3">
            <!-- Table content -->

In this example, the title and caption are customized with the addition of CSS classes (“custom-title” and “custom-caption”). Custom styling can be applied to these elements, such as changing the font, color, or alignment, to match the company’s branding.