What is the syntax for creating links to glossary terms and definitions in DITA?

Creating links to glossary terms and definitions in DITA XML is essential for providing clear and accessible documentation. It allows readers to easily access explanations and meanings of specific terms, improving the overall understanding of the content. To achieve this, you can use the <indexterm> element to link terms to their definitions.


To link a term to its definition, you can use the following syntax:

<indexterm id="term-id" term="Term Text" primary="true"/>

Here’s a breakdown of the attributes used in this syntax:

  • id: A unique identifier for the term.
  • term: The text of the term to be linked.
  • primary: Set to “true” to indicate that this is the primary term, often used in definitions.


Let’s say you want to link the term “DITA” to its definition. You can use the following DITA XML code:

<indexterm id="dita" term="DITA" primary="true"/>

By using this syntax, you can create links between glossary terms and their corresponding definitions in your DITA documentation, enhancing the clarity and usability of your content.