How are external links tracked and audited in DITA content?

Ensuring security when using external links in DITA documentation is of utmost importance to protect your content and users. When incorporating external links, consider the following security measures:

1. Verify the Source: Always verify the source of external links. Ensure that you are linking to reputable websites or resources. Avoid linking to unknown or suspicious sources that might pose a security risk to your users.

2. Use Secure Connections: When linking to websites, prefer using secure connections (HTTPS) to encrypt data transmission. This helps protect your users’ information and prevents potential eavesdropping or data tampering during communication.

3. Sanitize User-Generated Content: If your DITA content allows user-generated links or content, implement strict input validation and sanitization to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Make sure that user-generated content does not introduce malicious scripts or links that can compromise security.

By implementing these security considerations, you can use external links in your DITA documentation while safeguarding your content and users from potential security threats.