How are images and graphics included in DITA topics?

In DITA, images and graphics can be seamlessly integrated into topics to enhance documentation and provide visual context. This allows technical writers to create visually-rich and informative content.

The <image> element is used to insert images and graphics into DITA topics. It references image files using a URL or file path, and it can include additional attributes for fine-tuning the image presentation.


  • @href: Specifies the URL or file path to the image.
  • @width: Defines the image’s width.
  • @height: Specifies the image’s height.
  • @alt: Provides alternative text for accessibility.

Image Placement:

Images can be placed within the text flow or as standalone figures within a DITA topic. Authors can control the position and alignment of images for optimal integration with textual content.


An architect firm is including a diagram in their DITA content.

<p>This diagram illustrates the system architecture:</p>
<image href="" alt="System Architecture Diagram" width="400" height="300"/>
<p>The components are interconnected as shown in the diagram.</p>

In this example, an image depicting a system architecture is inserted using the <image> element. The @href attribute references the image file, while @alt provides alternative text for accessibility. The @width and @height attributes define the image’s dimensions.