How are review comments and feedback managed within DITA for mining technical content?

Managing review comments and feedback within DITA XML for mining technical content is essential for maintaining the quality and accuracy of documentation. DITA provides a structured approach to handle and address feedback from various stakeholders, ensuring that their input is systematically incorporated into the content.

Feedback Annotation

In DITA, feedback and review comments can be annotated directly within the XML content using specialized elements. For instance, comments from geological experts or equipment manufacturers can be inserted as elements within the relevant sections of the document. These comments can include suggestions, corrections, or clarifications, and are associated with specific content for easy reference.

Tracking and Resolution

Once feedback is annotated in the DITA XML, it can be systematically tracked and resolved. The content developers or subject matter experts responsible for addressing the feedback can reference the comments during the revision process. They can make the necessary adjustments, and once resolved, the comments can be marked as such. This process ensures that no feedback is overlooked and that all concerns are properly addressed.


Here’s an example of how feedback and comments can be managed within DITA XML:

<topic id="equipment_specifications">
  <title>Equipment Specifications</title>
  <author>John Smith</author>
    <para>This equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.</para>
    <comment reviewer="Geological Expert" date="2023-11-20">Please specify the recommended maintenance schedule.</comment>

In this example, a comment from a geological expert is embedded within the content, highlighting a specific request for additional information. The author, date, and reviewer information are included for context. Once the requested maintenance schedule is added to the document, the comment can be marked as resolved.