How do defense organizations define and implement custom DITA specializations?

Defense organizations often need to define and implement custom DITA specializations to meet their specific content and documentation requirements. These custom specializations allow organizations to tailor DITA to their unique needs, ensuring that the structured content and metadata align with their industry standards and processes.

Custom DITA specializations typically involve the creation of custom elements, attributes, and domain-specific structures. These elements can be used to represent domain-specific concepts, such as military procedures, equipment specifications, or security protocols. This customization enables the precise modeling of defense-related content.


Here is an example of a custom DITA specialization for defense organizations that introduces a custom element for ‘securityprotocol’:

<!-- Example of a custom DITA specialization for defense documentation -->
  <element name="securityprotocol">
    <desc><para>Represents a security protocol used in defense operations.</para></desc>
      <ph>%inline; <title>Security Protocol</title></ph>

By implementing custom DITA specializations like the ‘securityprotocol’ element in their documentation process, defense organizations can maintain the accuracy, consistency, and compliance of their content, specifically tailored to their industry requirements.