<indextermref>: How do you reference marked index terms within the content using the <indextermref> element in DITA?

The <indextermref> element in DITA is used to reference marked index terms within the content. It allows you to create hyperlinks or cross-references to the indexed terms, making it easier for readers to navigate your DITA documentation and find relevant information.

Referencing Marked Index Terms

To reference a marked index term using the <indextermref> element, you need to specify the target index term to which you want to link. Here’s an example of how to use it:

For more details, see <indextermref>indexterm</indextermref>.

In this example, the <indextermref> element is used to reference the index term “indexterm.” When rendered, this will create a hyperlink or cross-reference to the indexed term, allowing readers to click on it and jump to the corresponding entry in the index.

Creating Contextual Links

You can also use the <indextermref> element within the context of your content. For example, you can provide additional information about a term and link to its entry in the index like this:

The concept of <indextermref>indexterm</indextermref> is central to our discussion.

Here, the <indextermref> element is used to create a contextual link to the indexed term “indexterm,” helping readers understand its significance within the content.