<title>: How do you use the <title> element to specify the title or heading for a DITA topic or section?

The <title> element in DITA XML is used to specify the title or heading for a DITA topic or section. It plays a crucial role in providing a clear and informative heading for content, making it easier for readers to understand the topic’s subject matter.

Defining Topic Titles

The primary use of the <title> element is to define the title of a DITA topic. This title serves as the main heading for the topic, helping users quickly identify the topic’s content. Here’s an example:

  <title>Getting Started with DITA</title>
    <p>This topic provides an introduction to DITA and its key concepts.</p>
    <!-- Content goes here -->

In this example, the <title> element is used to specify the title “Getting Started with DITA” for the topic, making it clear what the topic is about.

Section Headings

Additionally, the <title> element can be used within sections of a DITA topic to create subheadings. These subheadings help organize and structure the content hierarchically. Here’s an example:

  <title>Installation Process</title>
    <p>This section explains the installation process for DITA software.</p>
    <!-- Content goes here -->

In this case, the <title> element is used within a <section> element to create the section heading “Installation Process,” providing clarity and structure within the topic.