What are some common elements that can be specialized in DITA?

Common elements that can be specialized in DITA vary based on the industry, domain, or content requirements. However, some elements are often specialized across different contexts:

Task Elements: Elements related to task-based content, such as <step>, <task>, and <cmd>, are frequently specialized to accommodate industry-specific tasks and procedures.

Concept Elements: Elements like <term> and <definition> may be specialized to align with specific domains, such as legal, medical, or technical documentation, to capture industry-specific terminology and concepts.

Reference Elements: Elements used for references, such as <cite> and <related-links>, can be specialized to include additional metadata or attributes that are relevant to a particular content domain.

Media Elements: Elements for multimedia content, such as <video> and <audio>, are commonly specialized to ensure they support various media formats and player controls specific to the industry or audience.


In the automotive industry, the <step> element used for documenting repair procedures may be specialized to include attributes related to automotive part numbers and safety guidelines, ensuring that repair instructions are tailored to the automotive domain.