What is content reuse in DITA?

Content reuse in DITA involves efficiently using and repurposing content across documents and outputs, reducing redundancy. This is achieved through:

  • Topic Modularity: DITA topics are self-contained content units that focus on specific subjects, making them highly reusable across various documents.
  • Key References (keyrefs): Authors can reference and reuse content using keyrefs, ensuring updates to the source are reflected everywhere it’s reused.
  • Conditional Text: DITA allows content to be marked as conditional, enabling selective content inclusion or exclusion based on criteria like audience or language.
  • Content References (conrefs): Conref lets authors reuse specific elements within topics, promoting granularity in content reuse.
  • DITA Maps: DITA maps assemble topics into structured documents, ensuring consistent navigation and organization while reusing the same topics in multiple contexts.