What is the syntax for creating links to APIs and code documentation in DITA?

Creating links to APIs and code documentation in DITA XML is essential for providing comprehensive technical information and resources to your users. DITA XML offers a structured and efficient way to incorporate these links within your documentation. Here’s the syntax for creating such links:

1. API Reference Documentation: To link to API reference documentation, you can use the <xref> element. This element allows you to specify the target of your link using the href attribute. You can also provide a descriptive text for the link within the element’s content. Here’s an example:

<xref href="api-reference.dita">Link to API Reference</xref>

2. Code Samples: To link to code samples within your DITA content, you can utilize the <xref> element as well. This element is versatile and can be used to link to various sections or topics. Make sure to set the href attribute to the target DITA topic containing the code sample you want to link to. Here’s how it looks:

<xref href="code-sample.dita">See Code Sample</xref>

3. Code Libraries: When linking to external code libraries or resources, the <xref> element is again your go-to choice. Use the href attribute to specify the location of the code library. Here’s the syntax:

<xref href="library-reference.dita">Access Code Library</xref>

By using these syntax examples, you can effectively create links to APIs and code documentation in your DITA XML content, enabling users to access relevant technical information seamlessly.