What role does DITA play in the context of augmented reality (AR) documentation?

DITA’s structured content format allows organizations to author documentation in a granular manner. Each piece of information is broken down into topics, making it suitable for delivering bite-sized pieces of content in AR. For example, in an AR maintenance application for complex machinery, DITA allows content creators to structure information about individual machine components, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting steps as separate topics. These topics can then be dynamically presented to users as they interact with the machinery in AR.

Content Reuse:

DITA’s content reuse capabilities enable organizations to efficiently repurpose information across different AR experiences. For example, a manufacturing company using AR for assembly line guidance can reuse DITA topics about safety procedures, quality standards, and machine operation instructions in various AR modules. This ensures consistency and accuracy of information across different AR applications.


AR documentation often needs to adapt to the user’s location, language, or preferences. DITA supports metadata and conditional filtering, enabling the delivery of location-specific or user-specific content within AR environments.

Version Control:

AR documentation often requires frequent updates to keep pace with evolving products or environments. DITA’s version control capabilities ensure that the most current information is delivered in AR experiences. When a product manual undergoes revisions, the corresponding DITA topics can be updated, and these changes automatically propagate to the AR documentation.


An automotive manufacturer uses DITA to create AR documentation for maintenance and repair of its vehicles. When a technician wears AR glasses and looks at a car engine, the AR system overlays contextual information on the engine components. This information, structured using DITA, includes step-by-step repair procedures, safety guidelines, and parts specifications. DITA allows the manufacturer to maintain a single source of content for all vehicle models and update specific procedures or specifications as needed. When a new car model is released, the manufacturer can reuse existing DITA topics and customize them for the new model, ensuring efficient and accurate AR documentation delivery.