Recorded on Dec 4, 2018

Converting legacy content to DITA and optimizing reuse potential to ensure content quality and consistency across the enterprise is high on most organizations’ to-do list when implementing DITA.

So what tools are available to help ID professionals and where do you start?

In this DITA Knowledge Series webinar, Stilo’s Conversion Services Manager, Helen St. Denis, provides a demonstration of Stilo’s Migrate cloud XML content conversion service and OptimizeR, a new DITA content optimization service. Discover just how easy it is to automate the conversion of content to DITA and following analysis automatically deduplicate any replicated content.

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Migrate is a unique cloud service that enables technical authoring teams to automate the conversion of content to DITA and custom XML from source formats including Word, FrameMaker, Robohelp and XML/SGML/HTML. Migrate provides greater control over conversion quality, immediate turnaround times and operates on a pay-as-you-use basis.

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OptimizeR is a new content optimization service that analyzes your DITA content collections for exact and near-exact matches and identifies reuse opportunities at topic and element level. Following review, it automatically deduplicates content, updates the associated conref libraries and ditamaps and provides a report of all changes that have been implemented.

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