Can DITA facilitate the reuse of safety and security content across multiple defense projects?

DITA is a powerful tool for facilitating the reuse of safety and security content across multiple defense projects, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and accuracy in documentation. This capability is crucial for defense organizations looking to streamline their processes and maintain high-quality documentation.

Reuse Modules

In DITA, content can be organized into reusable modules. These modules can encompass safety and security documentation elements, such as best practices, guidelines, or compliance standards. By creating modular content, defense organizations can build a library of standardized components that can be used across various projects. For example, a set of security guidelines can be created as modular topics. These topics can then be effortlessly incorporated into multiple project-specific documents, ensuring uniformity and adherence to security standards.

Conditional Processing

DITA offers conditional processing features, allowing organizations to tailor content based on specific project requirements. While reusing safety and security content, defense organizations can apply conditional attributes to ensure that only relevant information is included in each project’s documentation. This dynamic content filtering ensures that safety and security documentation remains project-specific while still benefiting from reuse. For instance, content related to a particular security protocol can be conditionally included or excluded based on the project’s needs, resulting in tailored and accurate documentation.


Here’s an example of how DITA enables content reuse and conditional processing for safety and security documentation:

<topic id="security_guidelines">
  <title>Security Guidelines</title>
  <conditional-attribute platform="projectA">Include</conditional-attribute>
  <conditional-attribute platform="projectB">Exclude</conditional-attribute>

In this example, a DITA topic contains security guidelines. Conditional attributes are used to include the topic in Project A’s documentation and exclude it from Project B’s documentation, demonstrating how DITA allows for tailored content reuse.