Can you cross-reference DITA tables to other topics or sections?

Yes, DITA tables can be cross-referenced to other topics or sections. This provides a way to link a table to relevant content in different parts of a document or even to external topics. This involves using cross-reference elements, linking to different topics, and targeting external references.

Cross-Reference Elements

DITA provides specific elements for creating cross-references. The <xref> element is commonly used for linking to tables located in other topics or sections. It allows specification of the target and provides a link to navigate to the referenced table.

Linking to Different Topics

A DITA table can be linked to a table located in a different topic. To do this, the target topic is specified and the table ID (usually defined using the <id> attribute in the referenced table) within the <xref> element.

External References

DITA also allows for creating external references by specifying a full URL or resource locator for cross-referencing tables located outside the document.


A DITA table in one topic is being referenced from another topic.


<!-- In the source topic containing the reference -->

For more detailed information, please see the <xref href="path/to/target-topic.dita#table-id">table in another topic</xref>.

In this example, the <xref> element is used to reference the table in a different topic. The href attribute specifies the path to the target topic and the table ID using the fragment identifier (#table-id). This creates a hyperlink in the content that readers can click to navigate to the referenced table.