WEBINAR | Assessing the Amount of Redundant Content in Our Documentation

April 26th, 2023 @ 12:00pm ET

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Our Presenter:

TJ Dhaliwal | Technical Sales Product Specialist

Assessing the Amount of Redundant Content in Our Documentation: Advancing Content Reuse with Analyzer 2.0

One significant benefit of adopting a structured standard like DITA is content reuse, which can
reduce redundancy, improve consistency, and minimize overall content. However, due to typos, partial
matches, and other inconsistencies, estimating the value of content reuse can be challenging- especially
before the conversion occurs. Using Analyzer, users can narrow their approximation and
investigate similar matches in their source content before the conversion, providing valuable insight into
the potential benefits of adopting a structured standard. Capture valuable metrics to substantiate
content projects to key stakeholders. Learn how businesses can manage their content more effectively,
increase productivity, and better understand content reuse’s value in their documentation.

Join TJ as he uses Stilo’s Analyzer to investigate source content for hidden reuse. The latest
release from Stilo offers a range of improvements to the user management system, product
architecture and sequence GUI redesign to streamline your content management process.

TJ Dhaliwal is a Technical Sales Product Specialist at Stilo, helping customers uncover solutions to their
content conversion needs. With a solid technical background in engineering and a passion for public
speaking, he’s successfully bridged the gaps between project stakeholders. As a problem solver, TJ has
helped several enterprise-level companies convert tens of thousands of pages of their content to DITA.

WEBINAR | Recognizing Potential Reuse in Your Content Before Conversion

December 1st, 2022 @ 12:00pm ET

Our Presenter:

Jacob Brennan | Technical Sales Product Specialist

One of the main benefits of using a structured format such as DITA is the ability to reuse content, but realizing where reuse is beneficial and estimating the probable savings can be a tedious and time-consuming task. In this webinar, we demonstrate how you can identify reusable or redundant content in your own documentation and pinpoint potential cost savings using detailed graphical reports with Stilo’s Analyzer.

Jacob Brennan is a Technical Sales Product Specialist at Stilo. He works with Stilo Migrate customers and aids in converting their legacy content to DITA. Jacob is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa holding a BASc. in Mechanical Engineering and a BSc. in Computing Technology.

WEBINAR | Semantic markup. Why do I need it, and how do I do it?

October 11th, 2022 @ 12:00pm ET

Our Presenter:

Helen St. Denis | Conversion Services Manager

In the past, we have produced documents with a focus on how they look when published. Page layout, font face, font size, bolding and italics have been useful not just to make the documents attractive, but more importantly, to make them easier to read and understand. Nowadays we are told that semantic markup is preferable. Why is that, and how do we add it to our docs?

WEBINAR | How An Automated DITA Conversion Can Help Your Authoring Team

September 14th, 2022 @ 10:00am ET

Our Presenter:

Jacob Brennan | Technical Sales Product Specialist

In this webinar we discuss several key advantages to using an automated DITA conversion tool, such as Stilo’s Migrate. We demonstrate how automated tools make converting content easier, faster, and more convenient, resulting in considerable time and money savings.

WEBINAR | What an automated DITA conversion can do for you (and what it can’t)

May 25th, 2022 @ 12:00pm ET

Our Presenter:

Helen St. Denis | Conversion Services Manager

Pretty easily, we can get a basic DITA structure from headings, tables and lists in the legacy content. As well, though, for each different source format there are a number of ways to extract information that can be used to refine the DITA output. Likewise, there are ways to enrich the content automatically.

There are, however, some things it can’t do …yet.

As more and more types of content are being moved to DITA, a greater variety of legacy formats need to be converted. We’ll look at some of them to see what can be gleaned from each, beyond the basic structure, and some of the challenges that remain.

WEBINAR | How much redundant content do I really have? Actualizing the reuse in our documentation.

April 6th, 2022 @ 12:00pm ET

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Our Presenter:

TJ Dhaliwal | Technical Sales Product Specialist

Content reuse is one of the many advantages of moving to DITA and a structured standard. It helps us reduce the amount of overall content we have, improve consistency, and decrease redundancy. However, it is difficult to visualize this value before the conversion takes place. Estimates can be off, and it is hardly ever clear how much content we can actually reuse from our documentation. Typos and partial matches only complicate our futile estimates. Narrowing the scope of this approximation by investigating similar matches in our source content before conversion can provide valuable insight to the potential benefits of moving to a structured standard.


Join TJ Dhaliwal in this session as he uses Stilo’s Analyzer and Migrate to investigate source content for similar and exact matches. Then, further use that information to plan for conrefs, keyrefs, and topicrefs before any transformation takes place. Conclude by deduplicating exact topic matches and realizing some of the potential that was uncovered in the beginning.

WEBINAR | Analyzer 1.0 - Identifying Content Reuse

November 16, 2021 @ 11:00am EDT

Our Presenter:

TJ Dhaliwal | Technical Sales Product Specialist

Analyzer is an interactive platform that enables users to identify content reuse across multiple source formats, pinpoint potential cost savings, and generate compelling & detailed graphical reports.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how to analyze Word content, calculate & navigate reuse potential, and generate beautiful reports estimating cost savings.

WEBINAR | Automatically Convert Content To DITA XML & Deduplicate Exact Topics

June 23, 2021 @ 11:00am EDT

Our Presenter:

TJ Dhaliwal | Technical Sales Product Specialist

Migrate is a well-established cloud service that enables technical authoring teams to convert content to DITA XML from source formats including HTML, Word, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, InDesign, DocBook, Flare, AuthorIt, MindTouch, Excel, XML and SGML. In version 4.0, we added the capability to identify and eliminate redundant topics as part of the conversion process.

In this webinar, we will quickly demonstrate how to automatically convert your content to DITA 1.3 and how this content can be automatically deduplicated using Migrate’s latest feature – Exact Topic Deduplication.