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Syntax #


Purpose #

The annotations p.title.for-following-content and p.title.for-preceding-content apply to section and figure, as well as anything that extends them. For example, syntaxdiagram extends figure, so these annotations would apply to syntaxdiagram. The items that extend section are as follows:

  • example
  • lcAudience
  • lcChallenge
  • lcDuration
  • lcGapAnalysis
  • lcInstruction
  • lcInteraction
  • lcIntervention
  • lcIntro
  • lcNeedsAnalysis
  • lcNextSteps
  • lcObjectives
  • lcPrereqs
  • lcProject
  • lcResources
  • lcReview
  • lcSummary
  • lcTechnical

The items that extend figure are as follows:

  • lcSingleSelect
  • lcMatching
  • lcMultipleSelect
  • lcTrueFalse

The annotation p.title.for-following-content can also be applied to a table when the title precedes the table and is outside of the table itself.