Table of Contents

Syntax #


Purpose #

The p.title.frontmatter.notice annotation is used to tag an element as being the title of any frontmatter content within the document. This content specifically refers to that which appears between a preface and the first chapter, which may include a table of contents, list of tables and figures, or any other content that the author wishes to appear before the first chapter.


This annotation should be applied to the heading of the section where you wish to begin frontmatter. It will contain all following content until the next part, chapter, appendix or backmatter element is created.


This annotation is not applied to the table of contents entry.

Examples #

The following is an example of a time when you might want to use the annotation:

In this example, we want to tag the table of contents and the introduction as frontmatter. The preface has been annotated separately. See p.title.toc-preface for more information.


The following is an example of a rule that will apply the annotation

The following is an example of the DITA output you would get from the annotation.




<topicref href=”Preface.dita”/>



<topicref href=”Table_of_Contents.dita”/>

<topicref href=”Introduction.dita”/>




Note: the <frontmatter> element contains content tagged as <notices> and <preface>. A separate rule was used to apply the <preface> element. See p.title.toc-preface for more information.