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Syntax #



any XML element you want to close

Purpose #

Migrate prefers to leave elements open as long as possible. The outside() annotation is used to force Migrate to close an element where it should end.

Below is some sample text.

You can specify the key to be used for access to encrypted ACE instances. If you specify password protection for an ACE master and want to be able to reset the password for a deployed ACE instance from that master, you must specify a recovery key before you create the package that includes the virtual machine.

  1. Click Set recovery key. The Recovery Key dialog box appears.
  2. In the Recovery Key dialog box, select Use recovery key to configure a recovery key.
  3. To use an existing PEM format key pair, click Browse for Existing Key to navigate to the public key of the pair you want to use. To create a new…

Example Ends Here

Migrate will place the paragraph Example Ends Here inside the step list if not told to do otherwise. To use outside() to close the step list, your rule may look like this: