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Syntax #


Purpose #

The annotation p.table-title is used to create a title for the table if the title is in a table cell; if the title is outside of the table, you will need to use a different annotation to create the title. The annotation p.title.for-following-content would be a good choice, if the title is before the table. If the title is after the table, you can use the annotation p.shift-into-preceding-table along with p.table-title to get the title placed appropriately.

Example: Creating a table title

The following image shows you what a table with a title may look like in your original document.

Table with title in original document

This image shows you how to create a table title rule for the title of the table.

Rule for creating a table title

The following XML is what the code for the example table title could look like.

<table frame="all">
  <title>Availability of QuickTrace DLL for different operating systems</title>
  <tgroup cols="2">
    <colspec colname="C1" colwidth="1.861in"/>
    <colspec colname="C2" colwidth="1.569in"/>