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Syntax #


Purpose #

The p.li.simple annotation is used to tag a paragraph as a simple list item. Simple lists are any type of list which does not use list markers, such as numbers or bullets.

Examples #

The following is an example of a time where you might want to use the p.li.simple annotation:

The following is an example of a rule that will apply p.li.simple:

The following is an example of the DITA output you would get from this annotation.


<title>List of Grammar Concepts</title>
<sli>Sentence structure</sli>
<sli>Register and Vocabulary</sli>
<sli>Descriptive and Prescriptive Language</sli>
</conbody><title>Table 2. Loud Animals</title></fig></related-links></titlealts></titlealts><title>Figure 2. Happy Face</title></fig>