Opening the Rules Editor

The rules editor is used to modify the rules that guide the document conversion. It is available from a document’s details page.

Before you begin #

The credit charges for the document you wish to bring up the rules editor on must have been accepted prior to opening up the rules editor.
The rules editor allows you to guide the conversion by setting rules. When working with the rules editor, you pick one of your documents to work with even though the rules you create may be subsequently applied to other documents.

Procedure #

  1. Go to the Documents page.
  2. Choose a document that you want to work with, and click on its name in the dashboard.
  3. You have been taken to the document details page for the document you have selected.
  4. Click the Edit Rules button.

Result #

The existing rule set will be applied to your selected document, a process referred to as annotation. When completed, the rules editor will open and you will be able to see where the rule set, as it currently exists, has applied to your selected document.