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Syntax #

prolog.resourceid((id=IDvalue)(conref=conref value)(appname=name of application))


value of the resource ID

conref (optional)

a URI reference to a DITA element

appname (optional)

name of application using the resource ID

Purpose #

The prolog.resourceid() annotation is used to assign an ID to a topic that will be used by an application requiring a specific format, and that cannot use the regular topic ID element. The resource ID must be unique.

This is an example of what a resource ID text string may look like in your document.

Source document text

The following is an example of what the annotation may look like when filled out.

Rule for prolog.resourceid()

The following is an example of the DITA output you would get from this annotation.

  <resourceid id="QTno875351.5" conref="QuickTimeKey" appname="QuickTime"/>