Deleting a Rule

Procedure #

  1. In the rules grid view, click to select the rule you want to delete.
  2. Right click on the rule and select Delete from the context menu that appears.
    1. The rule now has a strikethrough in the Name column.
  3. If you have deleted the wrong rule, or you change your mind and do not want to delete the rule after all, right-click on the rule again and select Undelete from the context menu.
    1. The strikethrough in the Name column has been removed.

Result #

The rule has been deleted from the rule set. The rule will still be visible in the displayed rules view and rules grid, but its name will have a strikethrough, and the rule will be greyed out in the displayed rules view.

Once you are done #

Although the rule has been deleted within the rules editor, the change has not yet been propagated to the portal. To commit the change to the portal, you must save the rule set.