Structure of a FrameMaker Book Upload package

A FrameMaker book consists of multiple files, all of which must be provided to Migrate. You must therefore prepare a zip package to upload to your portal.

FrameMaker documents must be uploaded in the MIF interchange format for processing by Migrate. When uploading a book, all constituent chapters as well as the book file itself must be in MIF format.

The zip file must contain the following files.

File Description
bookfilename.txt This file must contain nothing but the name of the MIF file in the upload package corresponding to the FrameMaker book file.
FrameMaker book file The FrameMaker book file itself in MIF format.
FrameMaker documents The FrameMaker documents, all in MIF format. These documents may be placed in subdirectories, but must match with the book file.

It is possible that your portal requires that additional files be included in the upload package due to customer-specific configuration.

It is not necessary to include image files with your upload.