Controlling Chunking in the Content Panel

Table of Contents

If you are working with a large document, it can be inconvenient to have all of the content loaded into the content panel all at once. It may also slow things down. You can control chunking from the dashboard.

Procedure #

  1. Go to the Documents page.
  2. Choose a document that you want to work with, and click on its name in the dashboard.
    1. You have been taken to the document details page for the document you have selected.
  3. Select the chunking option that you would like to employ.
Option Behaviour
Chunk based on paragraph count. The content will be chunked into pages containing the specified number of paragraphs.
Use user defined rule to chunk. A user specified rule will control chunking via the rules-editor-chunk annotation. To use this option, your rule set should apply this annotation based on appropriate conditions. For example, you can set page chunk boundaries to coincide with chapters of your book.
Use whole document, do not chunk. This option disables chunking. All content will be placed on one page.

Result #

The rule editor will display your document’s content one chunk at a time. Use the chunk navigation toolbar at the bottom of the content panel to switch between chunked pages of your content.