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Syntax #



Purpose #

The s.property.head.description annotation is used to tag a span element as being the header description of a property. It will associate this description with a preceding property header type and/or value.

The property header description acts as the header for a description column in a properties table.

Examples #

The following is an example of a time where you might want to use the s.property.head.description annotation:

This content will be organized into a simple table format. The p.simpletable.head annotation will be used to mark the first row (Date | Significance | Region) as the header row.

Note: the relevant span has been marked in bold for this example. The span is not bold in the source document.

The following is an example of a rule that will apply s.property.head.description:


The following is an example of the DITA output you would get from this annotation.