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Syntax #


Purpose #

The s.indexterm annotation is used to tag a span element as being an index entry. This identifies the element as being a part of an index. This also allows the element to be associated with elements annotated with s.index-see or s.index-see-also.

Example #

The following is an example of a time where you might want to use the s.indexterm annotation:

The following is an example of a rule that will apply s.indexterm:

The following is the DITA XML output for the previous rule:



<p><indexterm>accelerometer</indexterm>. <indexterm><index-see>See electronic components</index-see></indexterm></p>

<p><indexterm>assembling</indexterm>, 14</p>

<p>            <indexterm>connecting coolant lines</indexterm>, <i>14</i></p>

<p>            <indexterm>connecting fuel lines</indexterm>, <i>15</i></p>

<p><indexterm>assembly</indexterm>. <indexterm><index-see>See assembling</index-see></indexterm></p>