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Syntax #


Purpose #

The annotation is used to tag an element as being a header for a properties table. This annotation allows the grouping of span header property elements into a single <prophead> tag. The content does not need to be contained in a table in the source document.

Examples #

The following is an example of a time where you might want to use the annotation:

Note: the relevant paragraph has been marked in bold for this example. The paragraph is not bold in the source document.

The following is an example of a rule that will apply



The following is the DITA XML output for the previous rule:









<proptype>Input  </proptype>

<propvalue>None  </propvalue>

<propdesc>This function does not take user input.</propdesc>



<proptype>Output  </proptype>

<propvalue>None  </propvalue>

<propdesc>This function does not produce output.</propdesc>



<proptype>Arguments  </proptype>

<propvalue>Two  </propvalue>

<propdesc>This function takes two arguments: item and range.</propdesc>