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Syntax #



nesting level for the list, any integer

Purpose #

This annotation is used to create an ordered list of items. An ordered list is a collection of items placed in order of importance, usually from greatest to least important. The parentheses must contain a number that corresponds to the nesting level of the list item. Ordered lists can be as deeply nested as you want.

The number at the beginning of the list will sometimes be followed by a period or other character, but not always. That is dependent on the style of the author.

Here is an ordered list with two levels; this is a list of the inner planets with their moons, in order of distance from the sun.

1. Mercury
2. Venus
3. Earth

a. Moon

4. Mars

a. Phobos
b. Deimos

This will require two rules, one for each nesting level.

p.li.ordered() rule level 1 and 2

This is the output you would get from these rules.